Term 3 Bring it on!

So, I’ve done two terms in my new role of Lead Teacher for Teaching and Learning KS1 and EYFS, so how’s it been and what have I learnt?

  1.  The place between the rock and the hard place is interesting!
  2. Being a Senior Teacher is SCARY! People ask you difficult questions, to which you are supposedly have to know the answers.
  3. Having a shared office with other Senior Teachers leads to a doctors waiting room atmosphere.
  4. People cry, have tissues ready at all times. Empathy is a skill being learnt rapidly.
  5. Write things done, make lists and tick things off….
  6. Enjoy your time with the children, they are full of awe and wonder and they believe what you say so use your words wisely.
  7. Find someone you can talk to, when you are struggling, being SLT can be a lonely place.
  8. Make time for all your team, listen, praise where praise is due, if something needs saying say it and move on, honesty is usually the best policy!
  9. Never ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself.
  10. Admit when your wrong or when something has gone “tits up”, you’ll feel better for it…

So as I contemplate going back for my 3rd Term I think what a steep learning curve I’ve been on, everyday I experience something different. Spring Term 2014 I’m sure will bring the Mr O knocking but hey life will carry on and our children will still continue to improve their life chances. Some of these wonderful children have seen many atrocities, that we would be appalled at so who are we to deny them a better future. So if I have to have a difficult conversation with a teacher who is not up to scratch then so be it. Our children deserve the best…….